Best HR Tech – Cloud Solution (Silver)

Elements Global Services is the Silver Winner of the Best HR Tech – Cloud Solution award at the HRM Asia Readers' Choice Awards 2021.
By: | December 2, 2021

Arun Dhaka, Vice President of Business Development, APAC, Elements Global Services, receives the Silver Award for Best HR Tech – Cloud Solution.

To meet the increasingly complex challenge of global expansion in 2020, Elements Global Services launched two cloud-based, proprietary SaaS HR platforms, which provided a globally accessible cloud-based, AI-powered platform designed to eliminate manual processes from global payroll processing with a one-click approval system.

These solutions also helped Elements Global Services clinch the joint silver award for Best HR Tech – Cloud Solution at HRM Asia’s Readers’ Choice Awards 2021.

Arun Dhaka, Vice President of Business Development, APAC, Elements Global Services, said, “Our clients can create customised workflows that are defined according to their hierarchies and unique requirements, thereby managing change approvals, processes, and expenses from one central space. This significantly simplifies their admin, reduces errors, improves payroll processes and provides meticulous record keeping.”

This cloud-based, intuitive SaaS solution also provides the business intelligence required to grow and manage business globally. Powered by a network of trained legal and HR experts, Element clients have access to practical information and templates related to hiring, employee contracts, work hours, leave and benefits, tax and payroll, termination, severance, entity management and more for over 160 countries.

Arun added, “We are honoured to clinch Silver for the Best HR Tech – Cloud Solution award. We will continue to focus on the advancement of our technology platform and products that have earned Elements a global reputation for simplifying business expansion and helping businesses enter new markets quickly and compliantly.”

Elements Global Services is a global tech firm, focused on software that is built to go beyond country borders and simplify a company’s ability to expand their business, onboard employees, manage compliance and pay globally.

Headquartered in Chicago, Elements offers customers 100% direct Employer of Record services in over 160 countries, powered by proprietary HR technology that simplifies everything from payroll, benefits and human capital management to HR outsourcing, local compliance, as well as visa and mobility. Click here to find out more.