HR Tech Think Tank: Learning and Development systems

Alexander Roche, CEO of Androgogic, says the latest Learning Management Systems might look the same, but they have much more functionality.
By: | December 5, 2018
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Learning management systems have certainly changed over the past decade. Even while many look the same from the outside, or from the user-interface, they can now do much, much, more for the HR professionals administering learning programmes.

Alexander Roche, Principal Educational Technologist and CEO of Androgogic, says the latest systems are able to keep much more accurate track of both the learners and the training content registered with them. They can move beyond being simple “receptacles” for storing online content, and become a much greater, more analytical partner to the training manager.

Roche was the lead facilitator for the Learning and Development cluster at HR Tech Think Tank, and led a dedicated group of HR and training leaders on a deep-dive into the new capabilities of learning management technology.

“Our aim was to get people excited about what they could do, and what they could automate with learning management today,” he said.

“With around 25 people, we had some that got really interested and invested once the light bulb switched on!”

Roche said the options for automated communications sparked particular interest. “It’s not quite ‘artificial intelligence’., but it does allow for some rules-based communication that can have much greater impact – and save much more time – than human intervention and encouragement can have,” he noted.

This refers to the ability of systems to keep track of each individual’s learning requirements, schedule, and progress. “We call them ‘nag-bots’ in private,” Roche says, noting that when well-written and well-programmed, they can inspire learners to tackle that extra module or unit.

The delegates also got to interact with Androgics own take on a modern Learning Management System. Based on the open-source code Totara Learn, this sleek, new system has a rich set of features that can be tailored to suit each individual organisation. Roche says it is a highly-flexible and cost-effective solution that makes the best possible technology available to all organisations – large and small.

“As a specialist Educational Technology infrastructure and services company, Androgogic is often the virtual Chief Technology Officer for many clients or an extension of IT capability for other organisations,” he says. “Androgogic offers a complete service for implementing, hosting and supporting Totara Learn, including integration with enterprise applications in HR, finance and customer relationship management.”


Androgogic is a leading provider of educational technology infrastructure, and services such as Learning Management Systems. Based in Sydney, Australia, but with customers and support offices all over the world, the unique start-up has the expertise, team and technology to help its clients achieve and exceed their learning and business objectives.

We work with our clients to design and implement flexible, robust and reliable Learning Management Systems and other educational technology applications, such as virtual classrooms, social learning systems, ePortfolio systems, and content management systems. Each cost-effective educational solution is backed by industry leading expertise and dedicated support.