HR Tech Think Tank: Recruitment software

Organisations are facing reduced budgets to fight for a low supply of talent, says Alpar Major, co-founder of SmartDreamers.
By: | December 7, 2018
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Talent acquisition remains a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, business leaders acknowledge the critical need for the HR function to evolve and for the candidate experience to monitored and improved. But on the other hand, talent acquisition faces challenges in getting both top-down and bottom-up buy-in from within organisations.

Alpar Major, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder of SmartDreamers (pictured, standing), led the more than 40 HR professionals gathered at the engaging Recruitment Tech cluster during the HR Tech Think Tank. He took participants on a learning journey that explored the changes and challenges facing the recruitment market globally, and – through that interactive workshop – uncovered the ways recruitment technology can help improve talent acquisition.

Getting aligned with marketing

Major noted that the tightening labour markets in Asia resembled a typical chicken or egg scenario, in which recruiters face an ongoing low supply of quality talents, but are yet unwilling to invest into resources to improve.

“In one of the mini sessions, we identified participants’ top three challenges in terms of recruitment in their own companies. 80% were focused on two problems: low talent supply, and getting budgets from senior management to actually invest in tools and activities, in order to improve that talent supply,” he said.

Major advocated for a greater use of recruitment-specific marketing, where employers target better candidates via the platforms they actually spend time on. This includes social media, and mobile phone apps.

As a Recruitment Marketing Automation tool, SmartDreamers focuses on three pillars to tackle these talent acquisition challenges. “When targeted in this manner, companies can easily boost their talent pipeline and funnel,” he said. The next step is to automate some or all of that work, which is where the SmartDreamers platform comes in.

“Our core offering lies in our recruitment marketing and job advertising,” he said. “Our tool combines all social media channels into one single source to help you push your jobs and your employer brand to multiple channels at once. This includes social media, online communities, networks, and other online media, all from one single source to improve efficiency at a much lower cost than you would do it on your own.”

Recruiters also need to continually measure and optimise the recruiting process, in order to ensure an effective return on investments.

“The other big pillar is reporting,” Major said. “We believe in data, and we believe data is changing the world. From a recruitment and HR perspective, you definitely need it. You need to analyse data in order to better understand what you should be doing and to have greater success.”

About SmartDreamers

From awareness to application, SmartDreamers is an all-in-one engine for talent acquisition. From its beginnings in 2014, the company has been on a mission to improve recruitment processes and use new technology to bridge the game between top candidates and employers. Since then, the team has been growing fast, and so have the goals!

Based in Singapore but with an increasingly global footprint, SmartDreamers’ plan is to provide best-in-class software that will make recruitment more valuable to all parties involved.

Not just more efficient, or more convenient. But more valuable.