HRM Asia’s top stories for August, 2018

Check out what caught readers' attention over the month of August, 2018 - from "digital nomadism" to identifying checked out employees.
By: | September 1, 2018


In seemingly a blink of the eye, August has come and gone. Even as September sets in, let’s take a quick look at the top stories for this past month.


5. Why Peter Van Deursen is always “playing to win”  

In our cover story for the July-August edition of HRM Magazine Asia, we had a frank dialogue with Cargill’s Asia CEO about how he encourages an agile and ultra-competitive culture within the food services giant.


4. Keeping artificial intelligence human 

As guest contributor Helen Masters explains, now is the perfect time for HR leaders to embrace transformation and the benefits it can deliver.


3. HRM Five: Signs of a checked-out employee

It’s only human to have a day, or even a week, where your brain feels like sludge and motivation seems hard to find. But when does such a mood turn from a passing, occasional thing, to a symptom of a more serious issue?

In this edition of HRM Five, Yamini Chinnuswamy delves into the warning signs to keep an eye out for.


2. Digital nomadism is the future of work

The nature of today’s business makes global mobility a must for employees and business owners alike.

As we learn in this commentary, digital nomadism is simply the next phase in this paradigm, as fuelled by advances in technology, and an increased focus towards digitalisation.


1. How HP Inc rebooted towards a people centric culture

In this wide-ranging interview with Nicolina Marzicola, the Regional Head of HR, Asia-Pacific at HP Inc, we find out how the PC maker is forging a new culture for its 25,000 staff in the region, and skyrocketing to the top of the industry – all less than three years after splitting from its sister enterprise arm.