Twitter commits to have 50% female global workforce by 2025

Social media giant Twitter has set a target to have women in at least half of its global workforce in five years.
By: | March 13, 2020
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Twitter has committed to have at least half of their global workforce made up of women by 2025 in its efforts to drive gender equality in the company.

The social media giant has also targeted to have women in 42% of its technical roles and 41% in leadership positions.

“While women currently make up 42.5% of our workforce, we’re committing that by 2025, at least half of our global workforce will be women”, said the company in its latest Inclusion & Diversity Report.

“We want women to be represented across our global business, so we’ve also set targets for representation across technical roles (42%) and leadership (41%).

“This is an ambitious goal and timeline, but one we can and must achieve together.”

Twitter, which has nearly 5,000 staff in over 35 countries, is encouraging its employees to work from home in light of the COVID-19 outbreak and has made it mandatory for its South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan offices.