Teledirect Telecommerce’s AI-powered employee encyclopedia

Meet the HR Vicki - Teledirect Telecommerce's intelligent FAQ function for employees.
By: | April 26, 2018

This is part of a larger story spotlighting business process outsourcing provider Teledirect Telecommerce. Read about the organisation’s full talent management scope here

With internet chats increasingly the preferred customer-service option over voice calls, it is not surprising that a large part of Teledirect Telecommerce’s operations are now chatbot-powered.
Group HR and Talent Development Director Gaurav Hirey says he has been spearheading the business transition into artificial intelligence since he joined the company back in January 2017, but is now planning on taking things one step further.
Leveraging the chatbot technology, he plans on extending the chat service to employees as well via a tool called HR Vicki (Virtual Intelligence Computer Knowledge Interface). HR Vicki, when fully functional, will become an HR bible for employees.
“It will contain anything that you want to know about HR. So whenever employees have a question, they can just go ahead and ask HR Vicki,” says Hirey.
Hirey says this is different from a traditional frequently asked questions page, which is static and limited. The HR Vicki will be programmed to offer at least three different scenarios and multiple solutions for common problems.
“They can simply type in their questions. This beats having to go to their team members or managers for answers, which might not be accurate,” he says.

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