Best HR Tech – Outsourcing Solution (Gold)

Elements Global Services is the Gold Winner of the Best HR Tech – Outsourcing Solution award at the HRM Readers' Choice Awards 2021.
By: | December 2, 2021

Arun Dhaka, Vice President of Business Development, APAC, Elements Global Services, receives the Gold Award for Best HR Tech – Outsourcing Solution.

The world is facing a pivotal moment where globalisation and talent access is the driving force to business success, and HR technology is the solution for greater productivity, innovation, and agility, said Rick Hammell, CEO of Elements Global Services.

He added, “We are cementing a strong position to help shape strategies and HR efficiencies while supporting organisations’ global aspirations. A modern workforce requires a workforce management solution that can support diverse operations, like remote employees or global teams, with ease.”

“Therefore, we built our Administrative Services Outsourcing solution on an outcome-based model to be cost-effective, without compromising the quality of our clients’ payroll delivery and HR services.”

Commenting on Elements Global Services winning the gold award for Best HR Tech – Outsourcing Solution, Hammell highlighted how businesses today need locally and globally optimised HR functions, which guarantee both compliance and accuracy while supporting key business strategies.

Many organisations, he said, are turning to business process outsourcing companies with deep experience, and who can facilitate some or all local legal and HR requirements. For instance, Element’s Business Process Outsourcing solution navigates local laws and regulations to ensure operational compliance for all HR processes to position businesses everywhere for success.

The company’s outsourcing solutions also combine insights and expertise with Elements’ global network and proprietary HR tech in over 160 countries worldwide. This allows Elements to become their clients’ one direct partner and allows clients to free up their capacity from these complex tasks to do what they do best — focus on their business goals and growth.

Hammell concluded, “We are honoured to be recognised as the Gold standard of Best HR Tech – Outsourcing Solution by our clients and panel of judges, as well as readers of HRM Asia. We would like to express our heartfelt thank you to everyone for their vote of confidence. This is a testament of our services and solutions, and we are grateful for the recognition. As the leaders of the industry, we will continue to create the best client experience with our service excellence and innovative solutions.”

Elements Global Services is a global tech firm, focused on software that is built to go beyond country borders and simplify a company’s ability to expand their business, onboard employees, manage compliance and pay globally.

Headquartered in Chicago, Elements offers customers 100% direct Employer of Record services in over 160 countries, powered by proprietary HR technology that simplifies everything from payroll, benefits and human capital management to HR outsourcing, local compliance, as well as visa and mobility. Click here to find out more.