Best HR Tech – Outsourcing Solution (Silver)

Elabram is the Silver Winner of the Best HR Tech – Outsourcing Solution award at the HRM Asia Readers’ Choice Awards 2021.
By: | December 2, 2021

Mikel Yaw, Managing Director of Elabram, receives the Silver Award for Best HR Tech – Outsourcing Solution.

Elabram, boosting over 20 years of experience and dedication in the HR solutions market, has received the Silver Award in the Best HR Tech – Outsourcing Solution category.

Accepting the award, Mikel Yaw, Managing Director of Elabram Group, described the company as one of the fastest growing HR solutions and services provider in South-East Asia. Elabram, he added, will continue to focus on people, processes, and technology, while adopting a global and local mindset to help businesses fulfil their HR needs.

Yaw said, “On behalf of the Elabram Team, I would like to express my gratitude to the HRM Asia Readers’ Choice Awards and voters, as well as to my clients, colleagues, and everyone who has supported us from day one.”

Highlighting Elabram’s continued commitment to providing end-to-end HR outsourcing services, he continued, “We assist clients in finding the right talents, recruiting, and managing the employees for them. We also ensure that the procedure is carried out properly with local policies and company needs.”

“This approach has worked well for our clients and has allowed them to focus on their core business, as well as their business strategy. We help companies find a candidate and assist candidates in finding their dream job.”

Elabram Group was incorporated in 1999 and aims to become the best HR Solutions Provider in Asia Pacific by providing innovative HR solutions and workforce management systems. Elabram builds networks of clients from prominent technology companies and experts from diverse professional backgrounds.