Best HR Tech – Payroll Solution (Silver)

Elements Global Services is the Silver Winner of the Best HR Tech – Payroll Solution award at the HRM Readers' Choice Awards 2021.
By: | December 2, 2021

Douglas Yong, Regional Content Manager, APAC, Elements Global Services, receives the Silver Award for Best HR Tech – Payroll Solution.

There are numerous challenges that organisations face when undertaking international expansion, including payroll and regulation. This is further amplified by globalisation and the rise of remote work, which increased the need for centralised global payroll solutions, said Rick Hammell, CEO, Elements Global Services.

Speaking as Elements Global Services received the silver award for Best HR Tech – Payroll Solution, Hammell added, “Payroll and expense management are essential boxes that every business must tick. Employees want their salaries paid on time, expense allowances and expenditures correctly allocated, and any errors rapidly resolved. Even so, 25% of companies struggle with standardised payroll processing, according to an EY Global Payroll Survey.”

Elements’ cloud-based Human Resource Information System (HRIS) addresses that challenge with a one-click payroll approval system. It allows for immediate and accurate processing of global payroll, as well as instant amends to individual payroll and payments using a single, unified portal.

Hammell continued, “Our clients want simplicity, a low barrier to entry, transparency, absolute compliance, rigorous governance, streamlined processes, instant access, intelligent functionality, and ongoing support. These essential qualities define how we developed and continuously improved our platform and our commitment to ensuring that the platform consistently delivers what our clients require.

“We would like to dedicate this award to all our staff who worked tirelessly behind the scenes of our innovative platform, delivering service excellence and the best customer experience to our clients worldwide.”

Elements Global Services is a global tech firm, focused on software that is built to go beyond country borders and simplify a company’s ability to expand their business, onboard employees, manage compliance and pay globally.

Headquartered in Chicago, Elements offers customers 100% direct Employer of Record services in over 160 countries, powered by proprietary HR technology that simplifies everything from payroll, benefits and human capital management to HR outsourcing, local compliance, as well as visa and mobility. Click here to find out more.