Employment for non-regular workers in Japan rises

Japan’s unemployment rate June remained unchanged at 2.6%, down 0.3% year-on-year, with employment for non-regular workers rising by 0.9%.
By: | August 5, 2022
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Japan’s employment for non-regular employees has risen by 0.9% year-on-year in June to 21.05 million, according to Statistics Japan data. These include temporary workers, dispatch workers, contractors, and part-time workers. Overall, the number of temporary workers rose by 3.9% to 4.49 million.

The unemployment rate for the month remained unchanged at 2.6%, the same as that in May, and down 0.3% year-on-year. Meanwhile, the number of unemployed people totalled 18.6 million, down 10.1% year-on-year.

The number of employed people hit a total of 67.59 million, up 0.3% year-on-year. Industry-wise, the information and communications sector saw the biggest increase in employment at 8.9% over the year, while wholesale and retail trade registered the largest fall at 3.5% over the year.

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Japan’s job availability ratio rose 0.03 points to 1.27 in June, indicating that there were 127 job openings for every 100 job seekers in the country.