Hong Kong begins campaign to rebuild its image among employers

Its leader Carrie Lam is talking about creating new jobs and has tried to get a PR agency to help rebrand the troubled city.
By: | September 18, 2019
Topics: Hong Kong | News

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Hong Kong’s chief executive has contacted eight public relations firms to try and rebuild the city’s damaged image. All of them declined, stating that the time is not right to restore the territory’s reputation.

Carrie Lam has also been doing her own PR to deflect attention away from the political unrest that has engulfed Hong Kong for the past three months. She recently announced a new campaign to focus on housing and jobs, however she gave no details on what this involved.

While trying to win over Hong Kong residents, tourists and the international stage, she will also need to deal with companies based in the former British colony, who have been rattled by the intensity of the protests, along with their employees.

HRM Asia has been covering the ongoing events in Hong Kong, and what the long-term implications may be for employers based in the city. What is certain is that even when the political tensions ease, there is still a big question mark over Hong Kong and the influence of China.