Minimum wage in Thailand set to rise by 5-8%

A new hike in minimum daily wages of between 5% and 8% is expected in September, since the rates have remained unchanged for over two years.
By: | August 1, 2022

The tripartite committee responsible for approving wage rises is expected to finish deliberation in August of a new proposal to raise the rates, said Surachai Chaitrakulthong, assistant to the minister. 

The committee consists of representatives of the government, employers, and employees. 

One of its sub-committees is now compiling figures from all 77 provinces, which will be taken into consideration when the committee decides on the proposed hike, he said.

At this point, the pay rise is estimated to be between 5% and 8%, which is in line with inflation and believed to help workers cope better with escalating living costs, he said. 

Previously, when Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin announced his decision to push for higher wages effective from January 1 next year, many labour groups called for them to take effect this year instead, said Mr Surachai. 

The groups said most workers have been struggling to cope with high living costs for so long that they deserve speedy help, while employer groups appeared willing to allow the new hike to begin two to three months sooner than expected, he said. 

After the proposed hike rates are approved by the committee, they will be forwarded to the cabinet for endorsement, announced in the Royal Gazette and then take effect, he said. 

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The decision falls on the committee, and politicians cannot interfere, despite such concerns being expressed by some labour associations, he added. 

“If approved, this wage hike will become a measure to help both employers and their employees survive this economic situation,” Mr Surachai said, according to Bangkok Post.