RCA2018: Best Corporate Health and Wellness Screening

In the second of two HRM Readers' Choice Award wins, Fullerton Health was named best Corporate Health and Wellness Screening Provider.
By: | November 3, 2018

Fullerton Health has been awarded Best Corporate Health and Wellness Screening in HRM Asia’s Readers’ Choice Awards 2018 – all due to the company’s hard work and unwavering commitment to provide affordable and accessible healthcare across Asia-Pacific.

Through its customer-centric approach, Fullerton Health strives to continuously improve the customer experience through innovative solutions.

“We recently unveiled our Executive Health Screening Pod as we aim to transform the health screening experience by increasing patient comfort and cutting down on waiting time,” Lyndie Tang, Assistant Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, said.

The future also looks bright for Fullerton Health, as it looks to further enhance its reputation in the year ahead, and establish its service offerings across the region.

“In line with our strategy of developing a strong presence and broadening our service offerings in markets across the region, we expect to grow even more in the years ahead, riding on the growth opportunities in the region and the demand for integrated healthcare solutions,” Tang said. “We appreciate that Asia-Pacific is one of the most diverse and dynamic regions in the world, so we have always taken a customer-centric approach in developing our services to better meet their unique needs in each market.”