RCA2018: Best Serviced Apartment (Singapore)

Oakwood Studios Singapore was named the island state's best serviced apartment property, in the 2018 Readers' Choice Awards.
By: | October 30, 2018
Topics: MICE | News | Singapore

The team at Oakwood Studios Singapore has worked diligently to ensure service delivery is curated to every resident’s individual desires and needs – and that helped clinch its win as Best Serviced Apartment in the 2018 Readers’ Choice Awards.

While catering to the tech-savvy crowd, Oakwood Studios Singapore stands out as a quirky and trendy hotel, thus providing a unique guest experience, notes Cindy Goo, Director of Sales and Marketing for Oakwood Studios.

“Our strong guest advocacy positioning ensures that we receive positive on-line reviews. We curate cocktails every Wednesday evening, inviting all residents to gather at Socialize (Resident’s Lounge) for canapes and drinks. It’s about encouraging guests to become friends,” Goo said.

To further elevate its positive reputation with guests, Oakwood Studios will seek to focus on crafting a strong personality and providing fuss-free services and technology.

“In today’s dynamic technology environment, we need to constantly updating tech-enabled applications to ensure the residents understand, enjoy, and use the technology to make their stay here as simple and enjoyable as possible,” Goo noted.

Oakwood Studios Singapore is looking forward to establishing itself as the best recognised Extended Stay Accommodation choice in Singapore, as it continues to build a reputation based on simplicity of design and an engaging, comfortable, and memorable guest experience.