Singapore man throws fire bomb into former workplace

Angry at being fired, a man threw a molotov cocktail into his ex-employer's office.
By: | April 10, 2018

A man in Singapore has been sentenced to more than a year in jail for throwing a fire bomb into his ex-employer’s office.

According to documents from Singapore’s State Courts, Rahim Hasan had been fired from his job as a cleaner last year in December, after he had been found to be stealing on the job.

As reported by Yahoo News, security footage shows Hasan returning to the office a few days later, at midnight, to throw a molotov cocktail through the office’s glass door.

A molotov cocktail, also known as a poor man’s grenade, refers to an incendiary weapon consisting of a bottle filled with flammable liquid — in this case, flammable thinner.

The maximum sentence fo committing mischief by fire is up to seven years and/or a fine.

Fortunately in this instance, the fire did not spread. The damage was limited to soot on the office door, and the smashed door. The cost of repairs allegedly came up to $430.

Hasan, who is 50 years old, was unrepresented at court. He said that he had returned the item that was allegedly stolen, and felt that he had been unfairly treated by his former employer.

He also asked for leniency, noting that he had aged parents to support, although the state prosecutor highlighted that this was not his first offence. Hasan had been previously arrested in 2009 for causing voluntary harm to his sister.

At the end of the proceedings, Hasan was sentenced to 14 months jail.