South Korean businesses set to expand hiring

South Korea's biggest companies are expected to ramp up their hiring plans over September and the fourth quarter of this year.
By: | September 5, 2018

South Korea’s top 500 companies are planning to expand their new hires this year in response to the government’s drive to create new jobs.

According to jobs portal Incruit, major companies are expected to hire 26,345 employees in the second half of this year, up from 15.5% from last year.

The Incruit report was based on a survey of more than 2,000 companies.

As early as September last year, 74% of South Korea’s top local conglomerates started receiving applications for the new year.

Hyundai Motor, GS, and KT have already started their recruitment drives. So far, Samsung, Hanwha Group and Posco have not yet confirmed plans to expand their hiring, although the companies are expected start later this month.

September is considered to be the busiest month in South Korea for job applications and recruitment.

The South Korean government has also increased its budget for next year to generate more jobs amid a deteriorating job market, which has seen smaller companies cut down on recruitment.