Workday expands HR tech portfolio with acquisition of HiredScore

The acquisition aims to enhance talent management by offering data-driven insights solutions for improved recruiting and mobility.
By: | February 28, 2024
Topics: HR Technology | News

Workday has announced its acquisition of HiredScore, a provider of AI-powered talent orchestration solutions, signalling a strategic move to bolster its talent management offerings. This acquisition aims to empower organisations with comprehensive, data-driven insights to enhance recruiting and talent mobility processes.

The synergy between Workday’s Talent Management and Workday Skills Cloud, combined with HiredScore’s Talent Orchestration solutions, is poised to provide users with an intelligent talent acquisition and internal mobility platform.

Carl Eschenbach, CEO of Workday, emphasised the importance of investing in innovative ways to unlock the potential of talent, stating, “People are at the heart of every organisation, and investing in new and innovative ways to unlock the potential of talent is more important than ever.”

“The combination of our AI technologies that keep humans at the centre, along with a deeper understanding of the workforce landscape, will help organisations thrive and move forever forward.”

Athena Karp, Founder and CEO of HiredScore, echoed this sentiment, underscoring the role of responsible AI in transforming HR processes related to recruiting and employee experiences. “By combining our efforts and innovations with Workday, we’ll be able to deliver even more value to organisations around the world as they look to build their future HR function,” she added.

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Furthermore, the joint offering will enable better management of the talent lifecycle, facilitating recruiters in connecting talent to open opportunities using data-driven insights. This includes identifying candidates whose skills align with the organisation’s needs, accelerating screening processes, and facilitating internal mobility and upskilling initiatives.

The partnership also seeks to streamline hiring processes, enhancing the recruiter and hiring manager experience through automated notifications and guided experiences.