Would you work 30 days for the new iPhone?

Some number crunching shows how long it would take workers across the globe to pay for the 11th edition of the iPhone.
By: | September 19, 2019
Topics: Asia-Pacific | News

It will take the average Malaysian worker an incredible 30 days to pay for the latest iPhone 11. But in Singapore it takes just 8.4 days. These are the findings from aggregator website Picodi which looked at the price of the new phone in more than 40 countries and compared it with average wage levels.

The official price of the iPhone 11 Pro (64GB) in Malaysia is around RM4899. Assuming an average salary of RM3421.96, a Malaysian would have to work for 30.1 days to afford the recently-launched gadget. The good news is that this is 11.2 days less than the previous year’s iPhone.

While the average Singaporean will have to work for a much lower 8.4 days, this is twice as long as the average Swiss worker. This is based on the official price of the must-have phone at $1,649, and the average gross monthly salary reported by the Ministry of Manpower of $5,410.

While the Swiss top the list, coming bottom is Mexico where it will take the average worker 54.2 days’ worth of income to buy one. All these figures assume workers spent their wages on nothing else.