17,202 Cambodians seeking employment

The Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training said that out of the 17,202 people searching for employment, 4,753 people were able to secure jobs.
By: | December 27, 2021
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This was revealed by the Minister of Labour and Vocational Training, Ith Sam Heng, during the 6th meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Commission to approve the 2020 Progress Report of the National Employment Policy.

Despite the pandemic and its socio-economic impact, the relevant ministries and institutions still strived to fulfil their roles in implementing the three pillars of the policy: increasing decent and productive job opportunities; promoting the development of skills and human resource; and strengthening labour market governance, said the minister.

Efforts to implement the policy include maintaining macroeconomic stability and approving investment projects. There are reportedly 195 new projects and 43 production expansion projects with the capacity to create 151,000 new jobs.

The relevant institutions and ministries are developing plans and strategies to attract targeted investment and introduce tax incentives, as well as modernised business registration, payment methods, and public services.

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The Inter-Ministerial Commission convened the meeting to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the National Employment Policy for the ten-year period of 2015-2025 and was chaired by Minister Heng, according to Khmer Times.