All foreign workers In Malaysia must be screened for COVID-19 starting Jan 1

The order would see all foreign workers spanning all sectors to undergo mandatory screening.
By: | December 31, 2020

The Malaysian government has ordered that all foreign workers in the country be tested for COVID-19 starting Jan 1, 2021, failing which their employers will face legal and financial penalties.

“The decision was made by the National Security Council after the Human Resources Ministry informed us that there are some employers who still refuse to cooperate in getting their staff tested for COVID-19,” , said Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob at a press conference. 

The order would see all foreign workers spanning all sectors, including construction, manufacturing, and commerce, to undergo mandatory screening. 

Co-19 screening costs will be borne by their employers. However, if the foreign workers contribute to the Social Security Organisation (Socso), screening tests can be done at clinics appointed by Socso.

As of Dec 27, 68,460 foreign workers have been screened, involving 2,385 employers.

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The minister also added that the government is ramping up efforts to inspect the accommodations of foreign workers, and has so far taken action against 12 companies and made 27 charges against employers who flouted the law. 

“It has also been decided that employers are required to bear the costs of quarantine and treatment for any of their foreign workers who test positive and are moved to a hospital or Covid-19 quarantine and treatment centre,” he said.