Cambodia: Govt issues stricter COVID-19 measures for factories

The Ministry of Labour has set new risk-management rules to contain the pandemic in factories and businesses after a surge of cases on November 28th.
By: | December 8, 2020

The new rules forbid persons not employed by the factories and businesses to enter or leave their factories, especially from production areas. Staff with no clear record of their travel history will also not be allowed into the premises. 

Factories must maintain a log of all guests who visit their premises, recording their quarantine status, accommodation, health status and contact information. Guests must also wear face masks, wash their hands, and have their temperatures checked before being allowed into the premises.

Throughout the period of their visits, guests must be accompanied by an assigned staff to ensure that the risk-management measures are adhered to. 

“All workers must have their temperature checked and wear masks before being allowed to enter the factory property and use hand sanitisers provided at the entrance of the production building,” said the ministry’s statement. 

Drivers who transport workers to the factories are tasked to ensure that workers put on face masks during their commutes and disinfect their vehicles before and after each trip. Truck drivers and workers must also avoid places where COVID-19 clusters have been reported.  

Inspection officers are required to wear face masks when inspecting or resolving labour disputes at factories. They must also be proficient enough to educate, disseminate and provide reliable information to the workers on the pandemic. 

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“The ‘November 28 community incident’ was another new wave in which COVID-19 had invaded the community, requiring all Cambodians to join the fight by simply following the guidelines of the Health Ministry and the government,” said National Union Alliance Chamber of Cambodia (NACC) president Som Aun. 

Concurring, the Cambodian Labour Confederation (CLC) president Ath Thorn urged garment factory workers to strictly follow the Ministry of Health’s recommendations on preventing the spread COVID-19 after the community transmission was detected, said the Khmer Times.