Cambodia seeks HR training from Singapore

Cambodia has asked Singapore for more support in the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) sector.
By: | November 26, 2020

This request was made during a face-to-face meeting between labour minister Ith Samheng and outgoing Singapore ambassador Michael Tan at the ministry, said Khmer Times. 

Both countries committed themselves to advancing Cambodia’s employment and human resource training at the meeting.  

Sanheng reaffirmed the strong diplomatic ties between Cambodia and Singapore. He said vocational training from Singapore has contributed greatly to the development of the kingdom. Such vocational training included technical skills that were imparted by Singaporean professional trainers sent to Cambodia.  

In addition, risk-management skills provided by Singaporean trainers improved health and safety in the kingdom’s factories, effectively reducing workplace accidents and raising a batch of local health and safety experts. 

The minister hopes that Singapore would continue supporting the kingdom’s human resource training needs, noting that it has played a significant role in promoting the TVET sector.    

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Ambassador Tan highlighted the efforts of the Singapore government and the Embassy of Singapore in providing technical and vocational training to Cambodian trainees, in a Ministry of Labour statement.  

Tan said Singapore ranks second in the field of investment in Cambodia, and as Ambassador, he called on companies to invest responsibly in Cambodia according to the laws and regulations and organise training for Cambodian workers so that they can have a better livelihood.