Can TikTok allow organisations to better connect with employees?

TikTok offers a potential platform for HR teams to engage with young employees, improve onboarding processes and training programmes.
By: | February 7, 2023

TikTok is emerging as a potential solution for the challenges faced by HR professionals in the workplace, including issues like employee disengagement, burnout, discontent with compensation, and layoff fears. As more people and content creators use the platform to express workplace-related concerns, organisations are presented with an opportunity to better engage and connect with employees.

This may be particularly true for Gen Z employees just joining the workforce, where HR can use TikTok to communicate with employees in a more accessible and relatable way than traditional methods like HR sessions or virtual webinars, according to Lynda Folan, an organisational psychologist and Managing Director of Inspired Development Solutions.

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Speaking with CNBC, she pointed out that the shorter video format of TikTok, which can range from a few seconds to three minutes, enables HR teams to create quick and interactive videos on important issues and start a dialogue with employees.

The ability to use TikTok for internal communications can not only save time for employees but also address workplace concerns faster and in a more digestible way, said Folan, who suggested that HR teams invest time and resources to create TikTok content, which might require carving out a specific position for TikTok content creation or allowing existing employees to dedicate time solely to it.