China increases trainee job opportunities for young people

A new initiative aims to address youth employment by offering one million trainee positions to college graduates and young individuals.
By: | May 17, 2023

China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MHRSS) and nine other government agencies have collaborated to implement a plan aimed at boosting trainee job opportunities for young individuals, including college graduates. The initiative seeks to address the employment challenges faced by young people, particularly those who remain jobless within two years of completing their education.

According to an MHRSS official, the country is committed to offering no less than one million trainee positions this year to college graduates and young individuals aged 16 to 24. Employers across diverse sectors are encouraged to provide trainee roles spanning fields such as scientific research, technical skills, management, and social services, and which cater to the varied needs of young people.

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To ensure the welfare of trainees, employers are also urged to enter into labour contracts and cover social insurance contributions for trainees who are hired either during or after their training period. This provision underlines the importance of safeguarding the rights and benefits of trainees in alignment with labour regulations.

For trainees who are not hired after completing their training period, the government will offer support, including recommending vocational training programmes that can enhance their skills and increase their employability. The aim is to equip these individuals with the necessary tools to secure employment or even embark on entrepreneurial endeavours, reported China Daily.