Cornerstone OnDemand launches free educational platform

The Cornerstone Cares platform provides free online courses on infection prevention, stress management, and working from home.
By: | March 20, 2020

Cornerstone OnDemand is doing its part to help the community better cope with the COVID-19 outbreak by launching a free educational platform.

The platform, Cornerstone Cares, will offer online courses in three key areas: infection prevention and control of the virus spread, self-care and stress management, and productivity while working from home.

Developed in collaboration with the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation and Cornerstone’s content partners, Cornerstone Cares aims to leverage the company’s global reach to spread sound information and good practices.

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“We wanted to use our tools to help the community during this crisis,” said Cornerstone Founder and CEO, Adam Miller.

With many businesses around the world having implemented work-from-home measures, we are seeing an increasing number of employees working remotely.

With this being an unprecedented situation, there’s a need for people to be equipped with knowledge in terms of infection prevention, stress management and productivity while working from home.

Cornerstone OnDemand is not the first company to offer free platforms for the community. Google has offered its premium G Suite productivity apps for free till July 1 to help businesses cope with the impact of the pandemic.