Employed women in their 30s rising high in South Korea

Women in their 30s are making up higher numbers in South Korea’s working population, while numbers of men in the same age group are declining. 
By: | May 9, 2023

In South Korea, the number of female working adults aged 30-39 has reached 2.17 million, up 108,000 from a year ago. Meanwhile, male working adults in the same age group have declined by 84,000, making the total figure reach 3.12 billion.

This is data collated from the Statistics Korea and Microdata Integrated Service, which also showed that the number of employed people in their 30s rose by 24,000 in April.

The givernment data also showed that the number of female employees in their 30s has been increasing for 16 straight months since December 2021, while the figure for male workers has been on the decline for 14 consecutive months since February 2022. 

The number of women working has been attributed to the increasing employment numbers in the health and welfare industry where female populated jobs such as  nurses and nurse assistants take up a large proportion, as well as the number of returning working mothers who left the workforce in 2020 due to the pandemic. Other factors leading to the continued rise of women in the workplace include declining marriage and birth rates.

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The number of male workers, on the other hand, fell in proportion to slowdowns in manufacturing and construction hiring. 

Along with the higher number of female workers, the employment rate for women in their 30s also reached an all-time record following 1999, when the government started collecting related data after changing its statistical system on employment, reported The Investor.