No proof of vaccination during recruitment in Taiwan

The Workforce Development Agency (WDA) has stated that employers are not allowed to ask potential hires for proof of COVID vaccination.
By: | September 6, 2021

This was confirmed by WDA official Wu Shu-ying who said that doing so is a violation of privacy protection rules. 

This comes as job seekers have complained that they were asked to show proof of inoculation.  

Taiwan’s Employment Service Act states that an employer cannot withhold an applicant’s ID card, work certificate, or any other certifying document, nor can they request that job seekers submit any personal documents unrelated to employment. 

However, though vaccination status is considered as personal information, employers can require such documentation under justifiable circumstances, such as when the workplace environment is one that has a high risk of contact with COVID cases, Wu said. 

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Nevertheless, job seekers can report such violations to the relevant authorities. Violators risk a fine of between NT$60,000 (US$2,167) and NT$300,000 (US$10,833) pursuant to the Employment Service Act. 

As of September 3, 971,000 or 4.1% of Taiwan’s population have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with a total of 11.2 million doses given, according to Our World in Data.