General Motors to cut more than 14,000 jobs across North America

General Motors will conduct several plant closures across the US and reduce its salaried workforce by more than 14,000 employees.
By: | December 6, 2018


In a massive restructuring expected to cost up to US$3.8 billion (SG$5.2 billion), General Motors (GM) will cease production at several plants across the US and Canada next year.

This will include the elimination of more than 14,000 jobs. Some 8,100 of these are white collar positions, while 6,000 are factory jobs.

The total job loss will comprise about 15% of its salaried workforce, and a quarter of its executive ranks.

Meanwhile, the United Auto Workers union has promised to use “every legal, contractual and collective bargaining avenue” to overcome the changes.

“This callous decision by GM to reduce or cease operations in American plants, while opening or increasing production in Mexico and China plants for sales to American consumers, is, in its implementation, profoundly damaging to our American workforce,” said Terry Dittes, UAW Vice President.

GM spokeswoman Stephanie Rice did not confirm the closures, but did say that, “We are announcing the cessation of certain products resulting in a number of plants being without allocated volume to produce,” Rice said.

“The actions we are taking today continue our transformation to be highly agile, resilient, and profitable, while giving us the flexibility to invest in the future,” GM CEO Mary Barra said.

“We recognise the need to stay in front of changing market conditions and customer preferences to position our company for long-term success.”