Employers responsible for preventing workers’ burnout: Hays

Recruitment consultancy Hays has warned of the dangers of workaholic tendencies. These are rising due to the war for talent and technology.
By: | August 6, 2019
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It is up to employers to ensure their workers do not fall into workaholic tendancies and thereby avoid becoming burnt out, the CEO of recruitment consultancy Hays has warned.

Burnouts impact health and overall wellness of workers negatively, as they take the lead of their bosses when it comes to working overtime.  The workforce needs to achieve a more positive, balanced and healthy relationship with their work.

The World Health Organisation classifies burnout as a legitimate medical diagnosis, with symptoms such as exhaustion and negativity related to one’s job. Hay’s CEO, Alistair Cox said warning signs that an employee is addicted to work include continually working on weekends, not using full holiday entitlement and checking emails round the clock. These make up for disturbing signs of a workaholic headed for burnout.