Hong Kong pushes for weekly COVID-19 test for public workers

Unvaccinated government staff may need to get tested for COVID-19 every week instead of once every two weeks.
By: | November 9, 2021

In addition, government employees who have not received at least one COVID-19 dose of the vaccine are required to pay for the mandatory tests out of their own pockets, the Secretary for Civil Service, Patrick Nip, said in a television interview.

He said the tightened measure is intended to boost Hong Kong’s vaccination rate.

Around 69% of the population had received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccines, Nip said, adding that the vaccination rate for the elderly had seen a significant increase over the past month or so.

He also revealed that about 35,000 people had booked their third dose of COVID-19 vaccine under the government’s booster shot scheme.

In addition, Nip also said it would be reasonable for the government to grant a day of vaccination leave to its employees for receiving the third dose, adding that details would be announced in due course.

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People with compromised immune systems, like cancer patients, can get a third dose of the vaccine 28 days after completing the two-dose regimen, while those over 60 years old and those who face a higher risk of infection at their workplace can do so six months after their second jab, according to RTHK.