Hong Kong’s minimum wage to remain at HK$37.50 an hour

The decision was made after a review from government officials, academics and business representatives showed majority consensus.
By: | February 5, 2021

Hong Kong’s minimum wage will be kept at HK$37.50 (US$4.84) an hour, its government announced as the city battles economic uncertainty amid the pandemic. 

A “majority consensus” was reached to keep the minimum wage at its current level, said Secretary for Labour Law Chi-kwong , according to South China Morning Post. 

“The commission has considered that Hong Kong’s economy is in a deep recession and the unemployment rate remains high,” Law added. 

This decision to keep the minimum wage unchanged was made after a review by the Minimum Wage Commission, comprising representatives in business and labour, and government officials and academics. This also marks the first time the minimum wage has remained unchanged since it was introduced in 2011.

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Some union representatives were unhappy over the decision as that would mean a pay freeze for low-earning workers for four consecutive years. Should the pandemic ease, they urged for another review later in the year. 

Law said that the next minimum wage review would be held in October 2022, and dismissed suggestions that the date should be moved forward should the economy recover due to an improving COVID-19 situation.