HR Tech PitchFest 2020: 5 Finalists are out

Find out who the 5 Finalists are for the HR Tech PitchFest 2020, Asia's most popular platform for HR tech start-ups.
By: | September 14, 2020
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Five Finalists have been chosen for the HR Tech PitchFest 2020, which celebrates some of the most innovative solutions from HR tech start-ups in Asia.

Taking place from September 29 to October 1 as part of the HR Tech Festival Asia Online 2020, the five Finalists were chosen from a shortlist of 16 exciting start-up qualifiers.

They were decided by a panel of esteemed judges based on their product value proposition, team ability to execute market need for the product, description or demonstration of a compelling user interface, path or potential path to revenue/ monetisation, overall assessment of the opportunity and the all-important pitch delivery.

And here are your 5 Finalists for HR Tech PitchFest 2020:

  • Diversely

Diversely is an end to end bias-free hiring platform increasing reach to more diverse talent to find the best candidates for businesses. They are a B2B SaaS helping companies to reduce the time, cost and bias involved in hiring processes, while enabling measurement and tracking of their approach. 

  • Pulsifi

Pulsifi provides its People Data Platform to help companies improve quality and efficiency in talent acquisition and management. Based on AI and People Science, its platform analyses multi-data such as CVs, psychometric assessments, video interviews, and employee records, to robustly predict the fit between people, roles and outcomes.

  • Play2Lead

Play2Lead is the award-winning microlearning and behaviour change platform that hooks you to build resilient teams and grow your 21st century skills. It nudges teams to build better habits, and be sustainably high performing and future-ready. Its gamified mobile platform, and evidence-based EQ & Wellbeing microactivities library accelerate digital transformation.

  • TalentTap

TalentTap is an award winning mobile communications app that allows recruiters to turn their databases into on-demand workforces. This allows them to automate shortlisting, gain real-time availability insights, reduce time spent on admin, improve candidate engagement and improve employer branding.

  • The Talent Games

At The Talent Games, its cutting-edge assessment technology combines artificial intelligence with the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience to allow companies to engage top millennial talent at scale, resulting in better matches and improved employee performance. In short, it is bringing science and fun to the art of recruitment.

Join us for the Final Round of the HR Tech PitchFest 2020 held online during HR Tech Festival Asia Online 2020 on October 1.

The HR Tech PitchFest 2020 is proudly sponsored by HRM Asia, LRP Media Group, Human Resource Executive and Zegal.