The five most-read HRM Asia stories from June, 2019

New research, some controversial opinions, and an ominous new trend caught HRM Asia readers' attention over the past month.
By: | July 1, 2019

It has been a month filled with data-rich insight and commentary here at Among the top five stories that caught readers’ eyes as we came up to the mid-way point of the year were a case study on the successful digital transformation of Bridgestone’s HR function, new Josh Bersin-led research that places HR as the “Marie Kondo” of the workforce, and an ominous trend that has retention experts worried in Hong Kong,

  1. Naked resignations” are a rising trend in Hong Kong

And not just there either! This phenomenon of workers leaving employment even before they have secured their next role threatens to challenge retention efforts throughout the region.

2. Going digital: Optimising HR functions across borders

Paul Choo, Vice-President of HR for Bridgestone Asia-Pacific takes readers through the company’s recent HR transformation, and shares how the team is leading the way in terms of digital adaptation.

3. The changing mobility agenda in Asia-Pacific and beyond

HRM Asia’s Yamini Chinnuswamy explains how technology, flexibility, and even humanity itself will be shaping mobility expectations and programmes in the year ahead.

4.  How to create a work culture that attracts top talent

WeWork’s Head of People Yasu Sato explains how the company has leveraged its cultureOS ‘operating system’ to cultivate a workplace that millennials love.

5. Can HR be the Marie Kondo of the workforce?

HR industry analyst Josh Bersin says HR needs to be the “organizational Marie Kondo”, and unclutter the workplace wherever it can. It should renew the organisation’s focus on essentials, and use tools like design thinking and behavioural economics to simplify business processes – and get out of employees’ way.