Indonesia prioritises discrimination-free workplaces

As sexual violence cases have a detrimental effect on productivity, it is critical that companies prevent such incidents, said the Manpower Ministry.
By: | October 3, 2022

The Ministry of Manpower of Indonesia has called on all stakeholders to ensure that workplaces are discrimination-free and to take preventive measures against sexual violence.

“One of the things that we need to pay attention to is realising the comfort of working without discrimination and preventing sexual violence in workplaces,” Dinar Titus Jogaswitani, Director of Labour Relations and Wages of the Manpower Ministry, said at an International Labour Organisation (ILO) event, reported Antara.

Sexual violence cases also have an impact on a company’s productivity, so the corporate world needs to ensure the prevention of such incidents, she said. “Sexual violence that occurs in workplaces can [lead to a] decline [in] performance that affects work productivity, which has an impact on business continuity.”

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The Indonesian government is committed to reducing the gender pay gap and has ratified ILO conventions to guarantee equal pay for men and women workers and mitigate discrimination in employment and occupation, said Jogaswitani.