Japanese firms against employees getting side jobs

Despite the Japanese government's attempt to promote side hustling, neither employers nor employees are interested.
By: | September 19, 2018


While the Japanese government encourages workers to get side jobs, a majority of employers in the country said they do not want their employees to do so.

A survey conducted by the Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training found that three-quarters (75%) of Japanese companies do not want their employees to have side hustles, saying these may affect their workers’ main work.

Only 11% said they allowed such practices while only 8% are considering allowing side jobs for their employees.

The government’s effort in promoting side jobs is not of interest to the majority of employees, either. According to the survey, more than half (56%) of Japanese workers do not intend to work on the side.

Only 23% said they want to take up a side hustle, while 14% said they want to increase the opportunity and time for their existing side jobs.

The survey was conducted between February and March of this year and involved 2,260 companies with 100 or more employees, and 12,355 workers.