Leadership effectiveness tops HR’s priorities in 2023

Human-centric leadership will be crucial to drive organisations forward as the world of work continues to evolve.
By: | October 14, 2022

Social and political turbulence, work-life fusion, and flexible work arrangements are redefining the leader-employee dynamic, yet some HR leaders say their leadership development approach does not prepare leaders for the future of work.

Mark Whittle, Vice-President of Advisory in the Gartner HR practice, said, “Rising inflation, scarce expensive talent, and global supply constraints represent a new combination of values for HR leaders to understand as they consider their 2023 strategies.”

According to a new survey from Gartner, most HR leaders (60%) will be prioritising leader and manager effectiveness in 2023, followed by organisational and change management (53%), employee experience (47%), recruiting (46%) and the future of work (42%).

To drive their organisation forward and gain competitive advantage, Gartner urged leaders to embrace human-centric leadership, which is defined by authenticity, which allows true self-expression among themselves and their teams; empathy, defined as showing genuine concern for employee wellbeing; and adaptivity, which enables flexibility and supports the unique needs of each team member. 

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“These shifts are not creating entirely new responsibilities, but they require leaders to achieve their core responsibilities in different ways,” explained Whittle. “The new dynamic is not simply a leader-to-employee relationship, but a human-to-human one.”