Microsoft ecosystem to generate 5,600 jobs in Bahrain by 2022

Spending on public cloud services in Bahrain will almost quadruple in five years' time and create more than 5,600 jobs locally.
By: | December 10, 2018


The latest International Data Corporation (IDC) research shows that by 2022, the increasing popularity of cloud services and Microsoft’s technology ecosystem will generate over 5,600 jobs in Bahrain.

According to the report, Bahrain’s spending on public cloud services is predicted to quadruple over five years from BD2.74 million (SG$10 million) in 2017 to BD10.05 million (SG$37 million) in 2022.

The adoption of cloud services will create 5,200 jobs, while Microsoft’s technology ecosystem will generate and 400 jobs respectively.

IDC added that the Microsoft ecosystem is a significant channel of downstream revenues, generating BD10.57 (SG$38.40) for every BD1 (SG$3.63) that Microsoft earns.

“The report from Microsoft and IDC confirms the long-lasting strength we have rooted to realise the Economic Vision 2030. Cloud computing and Microsoft’s ecosystem of products, services and partner solutions will continue to play a vital role in economic development and creation of jobs in the Kingdom,” said Information and e-Government Authority chief executive Mohamed Ali AlQaed.

IDC also forecasts BD129 million (SG$469 million) in revenues in the same period, owing to the government’s cloud-first strategy and investments in private and hybrid cloud solutions.