More large companies than SMEs adopt remote work in Japan

The implementation rate of remote work in large companies shows a trend of being about twice that of SMEs during the pandemic.
By: | September 16, 2021

A report from Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) showed this consistent trend from March 2020 to March this year. From March 1 to 8 this year, 69.2% of large enterprises implemented remote work, compared with the 33.0% of small and medium-sized companies. 

In addition, the report showed that the overall rate of remote work rose sharply from over 20% between March 27 and April 5 to a peak of 56.4% between May 28 and June 9 last year during the first state of emergency. 

The overall rate then fell to 31.0% between June 29 and July 8, hovering around the 30% level until it rose again to 38.1% between March 1 to 8, after the second state of emergency was declared in January this year. 

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The report also recommended establishing a Japanese telework model that would promote the use of information and communication technologies, including web-conferencing systems, and enhance support measures and services for nursing care and childcare. 

The report was compiled by an expert panel organised by the MIC, according to