More than 63,000 jobs lost in Japan due to COVID-19

Japan’s unemployment rate also went up to 3% for the first time in over three years, with the government urging firms to keep their workers.
By: | October 8, 2020

Over 63,000 workers in Japan have either lost their jobs or are about to lose them due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a survey by the Japanese government,

Conducted by the labour ministry, the survey was done from late January to October 2. And the exact number of people who were laid off or did not have their contracts renewed was reported to be 63,347.

The manufacturing sector was the hardest hit, with 11,072 jobs lost. Pubs and restaurants followed, with 10,078 workers laid off.

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In the retail sector, 8,765 people were laid off, while 7,977 hotel workers lost their jobs.

Analysts said that the actual figures could be higher than what has been reported as the ministry’s regional offices do not have complete information on all the jobs lost.

Meanwhile, Japan’s unemployment rate went up to 3% for the first time in over three years.

The government is urging companies to keep workers on staff by offering subsidies and supporting reemployment efforts.