Organisations in Japan plan to hire more new graduates

There will be more opportunities to hire new graduates next spring as Japan gradually recovers from the pandemic.
By: | December 23, 2022
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More organisations in Japan are increasingly interested in adding more new graduates to their workforce, according to a survey by Recruit Works Institute, an affiliate of job information provider Recruit Holdings.

It was revealed in the survey that 15.5% of responding organisations intend to hire more university and graduate school graduates in the spring of next year than they did a year earlier, while 3.6% expect the opposite. A margin of 11.9 percentage points marked the biggest margin since comparable records began in 2011.

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The results show that organisations’ eagerness to hire new graduates is rapidly recovering from the downturn caused by the pandemic. Furthermore, a majority of companies across all industries were planning to increase hiring of new graduates, outpacing those who plan to hire less.