Robert Walters net fee income in Europe and Asia rose in Q3

Robert Walters reports increased hiring in Europe and Asia, with recruitment activity at its highest levels across Britain.
By: | October 20, 2018


In the third quarter of this year, British recruitment firm Robert Walters said its positive performance in Asia and Europe has helped boost its global net fee income.

It reported an 11.6% rise in Q3 on the back of increased hiring in Asia and Europe.

In Asia Pacific, the recruiter reported a quarterly net fee income increase of 15%, according to Robert Walters. Meanwhile, Europe rose 21%, with Germany, Portugal, Spain, and the Netherlands posting record performances.

The net fee income increased from £101 million (SG$180 million) for the three months ending September 30, which had risen from £91 million (SG$160 million) a year earlier.