Singapore ranks #1 on overall AI readiness in Asia-Pacific

The impressive ranking is due to Singapore boasting one of the region’s most progressive and conducive approaches to AI.
By: | April 15, 2019


Singapore has come up tops on overall artificial intelligence (AI) readiness in Asia-Pacific, in a new study commissioned by Salesforce.

It was followed by Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Phillippines, and Indonesia, respectively.

The Asia-Pacific AI Readiness Index evaluates the quality and strength of AI frameworks and ecosystems in the above markets – specifically, AI readiness across the spheres of consumer, business and government.

Some key findings of the report include:

  • Singapore also takes the lead in terms of business and government readiness
  • Thailand takes the lead in terms of consumer readiness, followed by Hong Kong and Singapore
  • AI adoption remains is fragmented and uneven across the region
  • Trust and accountability are key to wider AI adoption, and governments must drive AI readiness

Singapore ranks highest in the overall Index due to boasting one of the region’s most progressive and conducive approaches to AI.

From data protection laws to nationwide cybersecurity strategies, the country’s institutions have built strong regulatory foundations to maximise the impact of digital technologies on the economy.

The report notes that other markets looking to improve their own AI-readiness should look to: strengthen AI-specific data protection policies, build a regional hub for AI research centres, strengthen skills upgrading initiatives to build a homegrown pool of versatile AI talent, and incentivise creativity and innovation to foster a dynamic AI ecosystem.

For more finding, check out the infographic below (click through to zoom in).