South Korea records largest growth in jobs in 7 years

The number of employed people totaled 27.68 million in September, marking a record high since March 2014, when the figure grew by 726,000.
By: | October 15, 2021

September also saw the seventh consecutive month of job growth, with the 671,000 year-over-year growth of jobs staying above 500,000 for six months in a row, according to data compiled by Statistics Korea.

The statistics agency said job recovery has continued as the South Korean economy is on a recovery track on the back of robust exports, despite the fourth wave of the pandemic raging in the country.

By sector, the number of jobs in the health and social welfare sector rose by 280,000 in September year-on-year, and jobs in the transport and warehousing segment increased by 163,000. The number of jobs in the education services industry also increased by 98,000 last month.

However, the same in the wholesale and retail and the manufacturing sectors dropped by 122,000 and 37,000 respectively. The number of jobs in the F&B and accommodation sectors grew by 39,000 in September year-on-year, after dropping 38,000 in August and 12,000 in July.

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By age, employment among those aged 60 or higher rose by 323,000 in September from a year earlier, and the numbers for those in their 20s, 40s and 50s increased by 202,000, 18,000 and 124,000 respectively.