Taiwan to launch online platform for migrant workers next year

Minister of Labour Hsu Ming-chun has said her ministry will be launching an online platform to allow migrant workers to self- submit applications.
By: | October 14, 2021

Hsu was responding to a question from legislator Hung Sun-han, who asked what the ministry is doing to eradicate the unhealthy trend of unscrupulous labour brokers charging illegal fees.

The minister said the process of application would be simplified by allowing migrant workers to apply online on their own. The platform is expected to be up by the first half of 2022.

Under current regulations, an agent can only charge a “service fee” of NT$1,500 (US$53.3) to NT$1,800 (US$63.9) per month in transferring workers. However, due to the lack of an online, multilingual platform and the complicated application process, migrant workers and employers are unable to apply for various documents themselves and need to rely on agents to handle the documents on their behalf.

Some unscrupulous agents have thus taken advantage of the loophole and illegally withheld migrant workers’ documents such as employment permit letters, succession letters, abolition of employment and change of permit letters to charge illegal fees, thereby denying migrant workers the ability to change employers.

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The Ministry of Labour has earlier said migrant workers and employers can report broker agents who charge them to solve the problem, adding that there will be a NT$20,000 (US$710.5) reward for successful report cases, according to The China Post.