Temp staff in South Korea rises to 38.4% of working population

The proportion of non-regular employees has increased by 2.1 percentage points to 38.4% of the labour force in August year-on-year.
By: | October 28, 2021

Data by Statistics Korea showed that the number of non-regular workers – including part-timers and outsourced laborers – totaled 8.07 million as of August, up 640,000 or 8.6 percentage points compared to that of the previous year.

By gender, 4.49 million or 55.7% of these irregular workers were female, while 3.58 million or 44.3% were male. By age, those in their 60s formed the largest age group at 29.8%, followed by people in their 50s at 20.7%.

The increase in temporary workers was attributed to the fallout from the pandemic, with many of these working in the antivirus field, short-term jobs in state-led programmes and healthcare services amid rapid ageing in the country.

The average monthly salary for temporary workers was 1.77 million won (US$1,516) between June and August, up 58,000 won (US$49.7) from a year earlier. This was less than half of the 3.34 million won (US$2,860) regular workers received.

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South Korea reported job growth for the seventh straight month in September as the country sees its economy recovering. Nevertheless, job recovery remained uneven among industries, with face-to-face service sectors such as accommodations and retail continuing to be in a slump amid the fourth wave of the pandemic, according to Yonhap.