Thai job seekers warned against Canadian recruitment scams

The Department of Employment in Thailand have warned Thai job seekers against 'Canadian' farm worker job scams online.
By: | December 20, 2018


Thai people who wish to work in the agricultural sector in Canada have been warned against job recruitment scams that operate on social media.

Petcharat Sinuay, Thailand Department of Employment Director-General, said the agency had found a Facebook page welcoming Thai agricultural workers employed in Israel to move to Canada and seek stable, permanent jobs.

According to Sinuay, the Facebook page required interested workers to fill out a form, but added that Canada had stopped the flow of foreign lowly skilled workers and cancelled visas for most seeking to work in agriculture.

To prevent financial loss and needless suffering in a foreign country, she urged people not to fall for job scams claiming assistance to obtain permanent farm jobs in Canada.

Additionally, they should audit carefully the credentials of the recruiting company before making a decision.