Thailand aims for more smoke-free workplaces

The Health Promotion Foundation wants to add to the 2,000 workplaces around the country that are already non-smoking premises.
By: | October 12, 2022

Thailand’s Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth) is running a programme aimed at making workplaces smoke-free in a bid to encourage more people to quit the habit. Currently, over one-fifth of Thai workers smoke at their workplace. 

“ThaiHealth will help firms in the region by setting up smoke-free workplaces and putting in place other systems to help people quit”, said Phongsak Thongratana, director of the Health Promotion in Organisations department, according to Bangkok Post.

The measures will be integrated with the ‘Happy Workplace’ system and other health promotion projects in the workplace,” he said. 

A recent study showed that more smokers of working age were considering quitting the habit. However, 59% of respondents said they had tried to quit by themselves several times but failed due to their environment.

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Since 2008, ThaiHealth has run similar programmes, which have resulted in about 2,000 workplaces becoming smoke-free, helping over 4,000 workers quit and protecting over 300,000 of their colleagues from the risks associated with passive smoking.