Thailand creates employment opportunities for older workers

To tackle an ageing society, more job offers and placements are available to workers over 60 who want to continue to work.
By: | September 22, 2022
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Senior jobs are being created by the Thai Labour Ministry as part of an effort to reduce social inequalities and address the issue of an ageing society in the country.

“The Department of Employment [DOE] has been tasked with looking into the employment of people beyond the retirement age,” said Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin, Asia News Network reported.

So far, the top five jobs that seniors have been offered are production workers, housekeepers, security personnel, coaching staff, and drivers. Some 148 new positions have also been made available, including roles like baristas, branch managers, customer service staff and chefs.

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“The department recently cooperated with the Business Services Alliance to hire 100 seniors and disabled persons to work as customer service staff at Café Amazon for Chance,” said the minister, who added that some 1,007 people above their 60s were placed in jobs last year.

A recent survey found that 76% of seniors wanted to be self-employed, 15% wanted full-time jobs, and 9% were open to both arrangements, he highlighted. The survey gathered responses from 9,408 seniors who had the potential to work.