Top Indian companies go on mass recruitment drives

Companies in India see mass recruitment drives due to vacancies over the years and as workers are more cost-effective.
By: | October 3, 2019
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Two of India’s largest companies, Coal India and Cognizant, are looking to massive recruitment drives, following years when vacancies were left unfilled. Coal India aims to hire 9,000 jobs in a recruitment drive this year with 4,000 of the places for executives.

The company has seen 12, 300 people retiring from roles that were unfilled for years. In order to keep up with its requirement for an adequate workforce, Coal India has to ramp up the hiring process. Last year it hired 1,200 people. The company did not specify why the roles had been left vacant for a decade.

 Tech company, Cognizant has built up its human capital in India over the years recognising the country as a robust delivery engine. The company has its majority of workers in India recognised for their professional skills and yet they are cost-effective. Though the company is headquartered in the U.S, the largest headcount is in India with 200,000 employed, making Cognizant the biggest MNC employer there.