UAE looks to new markets to attract talent

Companies in the United Arab Emirates are looking beyond Europe and the US to attract skilled staff into the country.
By: | November 15, 2018


With its solid infrastructure and quality standard of living, companies in United Arab Emirates can now attract employees from markets other than the traditionally-favoured Europe and America.

Senior Vice President for Group People at DP World, Maha Al Qattan, said the Dubai-based global ports operator has no trouble attracting top talent because the government has made the country a great place to work.

While investing and upskilling their technology workforce for the future, Al Qattan said they are also looking at new markets as part of a shift in talent pool.

She added that they are attracting skilled staff from Eastern Europe and Latin America as well.

At the Arabian Business Forum hosting executives from the biggest local employers, the Chief HR Officer of Emirates National Oil Company, Iman Al Qassim, noted that supply of local talent has also risen significantly.

In fact, Qassim said the number of applicants far surpasses the jobs being offered. Qassim did comment however, there was quite often a job-skills mismatch.